Growing Up

We are so busy in our lives we don't realise how much or how fast those around us are growing up.


Feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, love or lust come and go. But sometimes these feelings don't really go away no matter how much we try to get rid of them. Some feelings last a life time, we just learn to live with it. We let it become a part of us and soon learn to... Continue Reading →

You promised we would be together till the end, But I guess it was just another empty promise. Just words, no emotions. Is this what we have come to? Making a promise and breaking it so easily? Should we not trust anyone anymore? Are we just supposed to live with the fact that words mean... Continue Reading →

Not Alone

I'm a person of habit. Every morning I walk to the park near my house. I was always the first one there. And left almost always before anyone else would come. You'd think I'd feel all alone, But I'd find footprints in the snow The evidence of a lively night life, That I missed. I... Continue Reading →

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