Happy Valentine's Day Everyone. Hope you'll enjoy reading this.


It doesn't matter when or how you fall in love with someone. All that matters is that you'll did and now you both can't let go of each other and couldn't be with anyone else. Sticking together through the ups and downs. Making up your own quirky rules and ways to keep the relationship alive,... Continue Reading →

As of today, there are over 7 billion people, and that number grows every day. It is impossible that two people will have a day that goes exactly the same. Similar, maybe; but never the same. That means that every single day of the year has 7 billion (give or take) different variations to it.... Continue Reading →

When you are gone, how many people would really care? Did your existence even make a difference to anyone? Did you accomplish what you were created to do? Were we just part of a vicious cycle, or did we stand for something? Do you think that you lived your best life? Would anyone miss your... Continue Reading →

Heal with Love.

Shattered eyes. Broken heart. Hollow soul. At some point, we all break. We can't always withstand the pain which we are put through. Loving people even at their worst, when they think they are incapable of being loved is when your love can make a difference. It can help them heal. Spread the love around,... Continue Reading →

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