Transition. Maybe Not.

Recently acclaimed adult. Yes, that’s what they say once you reach eighteen. The year that every teen awaits for, the day they can say yes we are adults, we have the power. We can drive and vote for our own government.  We can decide what we want to do, we decide our life’s ambition and dreams. We decide the faith of the rest of our “Adult” life. They would if they could scream it from the rooftops and proclaim it to the world that today they join the adults and are one with them.
The transition from a little girl or boy to a lady or man supposedly takes place in just a matter minutes. I mean we were 17 just a while ago and now that we are 18  we are supposed to decide what we want in life, supposed to be able to stand on our own two feet, be matured enough and start the rest of our adult life with the choices we make on this day.
The transition happens in a matter of minutes, from 17yrs 365days to 18years. It all changes in a second. 
I know people who just turned 18 and they already know what their future looks like. They are considering getting married , and even have their better half and the date set. Here I am clueless as ever. I don’t even know what to eat the next day for breakfast let alone know what my life is going to be like. Personally, I can’t decide the basic things of life and here there are people who have their whole lives set. They have it all in order.
It’s a year since I’ve become an adult and I am still as clueless as ever. They say we grow into an adult once we turn 18 and know what we really want but I believe that the transition of turning into a full fledged adult never really takes place. We are always going to keep wondering about the future, what’s going to happen next, will I live up to the expectations of others and myself?
We transform numerically overnight, we grow up physically faster than our mental selves.  I believe that we never really become a full fledged adult. We are yet to learn and experience. I am 19 going on 20, and I consider myself a kid in a so called adult’s body.

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