Love Lost

Through the thick and the thin, she walked hand in hand with him. Now he excuses himself one to often a time. He goes and sits out in the cold. Being cold, lonely and lost in thought. He missed her, oh so dearly. They tried but their time was up, there was no more. He was hurting inside and out, but his brave face was just to mislead those around. She was his world, and her smile was his poison. He could lose himself in those eyes forever. He thought his words could break the walls and bring her to his door where he would be waiting with arms wide open. But he was proven wrong. No one could understand the love he lost, the way it hurt or what went wrong. Even he didn’t understand it. Lost in thought he continued to sit there in the cold outdoors while he silently sobbed for the love he lost.

6 thoughts on “Love Lost

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  1. Hey, this is beautiful! Expression is simply amazing! Do you plan to maintain a frequency for writing, like when you're going to post… cause I'm looking forward for more from you Nicole πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰


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