Broken Glass.

I stumbled across her on a rainy day. She was sitting on the floor like broken glass. But it was a beautiful sight as sadistic as I seem. My curiosity got the best of me. I kept staring at her and all I could see was the pain. There was this look of desperation written all over her face. It was so visible you could feel it. While her face showed some expression her eyes seemed hollow as if her life had been sucked out and she was left alone in despair. Looking at her suffer all I wanted to do was pick her up and put back the broken pieces and fix her. So I tried, I really did. Along the way I got cut by pieces of glass and became fragile by each passing day. But I only had one thought in mind; to fix her, to see her smile,to make her laugh. It became my sole purpose to make her whole again. Everytime I managed a little smile out of her,I hoped it would last forever. Eventually she got her pieces  together, atleast enough to make her get up and walk. Yes, she did walk but in my despair she left me behind. I sat in her place and saw my pieces where hers once were. Lost in wonder, I find myself asking if there was ever a girl or were those pieces always mine.

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