Lost And Found

There is a point in everyones life where we find ourselves to be lost and confused. The whole world seems upside down and seems so alien. We get so lost that we try to create ourselves again by taking traits of those around us. We lose our true identity and end up creating a new one. We soon forget who the real us is and our alternate selves take place. A person who takes on a little of everyone else. The real us just becomes a shadow to the new us, soon to be forgotten by ourselves and to become a memory to those around. It’s becomes an old chapter hidden by the new one.
One day when we look at our reflection in the mirror we won’t be able to identify who is staring right back at us. The stranger in the mirror is not who we really are, it’s an alien. This imposter was created so that society would accept us, so we would feel wanted and welcome. It is then that you realise that society is a group of headless chicken following norms set by one another. We forget that we all as individuals have a certain charm to ourselves which we should be proud of and shouldn’t be afraid to show it.
It’s time to fight this imposter and put ourselves together from the pieces which were hidden and bestow ourselves in the faith of a better tomorrow, where we are proud to be our REAL selves. We just need to get rid of the chains of society and strive.
We all get lost at one point, all we really want and need is to be FOUND.

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