Hope, A Flower.

Things were supposed to be better, but looks like they are exactly the same. She thought things would be happier and brighter, hoping she would have a reason to smile more often. But by the looks of it she was wrong. Things have been the same in the past few years, filled with sorrow, hate and war. There is no more hope for the betterment of things in her life or in the world around her. She came to an understanding that things are going to be like this. That there is no goodness left to go around, that the world around her and she are all going to be miserable and it’s not going to be a great way to live.
She didn’t like her thoughts, but it was high time she faced reality. She had given up on humanity and all its people.
As she continued to sit on the bench deep in thought, pondering about how things are getting worse by the second, a small boy caught her eye.
He was sitting in the grass plucking leaves and flowers being happy in his element. He later then made his way to the bench where she sat. The boy held onto his little bouquet like it was made of gold. He smelt the bunch and exclaimed how beautiful they were. Now that both the flowers and the boy were closer, she could see what they really were, a bunch of withered flowers. He continued to smell and enjoy them as if they were freshly picked roses. The boy then turned towards her and asked her in all innocence if she could guide him to the bench near the ice cream truck. She got up to guide him and he held onto her hand as she took him to the bench behind them at the edge of the park where his mother sat. He reached his mother and he thanked the girl and said, “The most beautiful flower for the kind girl.” The girl looked at the boy in astonishment as he handed her the weed, she thought it was some kind of joke but she thanked him and accepted it anyway.
He sat down and started to gobble up the ice cream.
As she started to walk away the little boys mother went behind her and told her the shocking truth. The boy couldn’t see. He was blinded. But yet he could still see the beauty in things. He could see things that the people who were blessed with vision couldn’t. He saw beauty in a lifeless flower and he gave the girl a ray of hope for humanity. He found her, a person with a diminishing flame and helped reignite it to burn brightly. He saw a hollow person and filled it with love, kindness and hope. That flower was indeed the most Beautiful one, a flower of hope for humanity.

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  1. Very nice nicole..it is so important to count your blessings especially when you are depressed..and also the best way to get out of it.

    Keep writing


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