Just Call It Love.

There he was walking down the road, she saw him and her eyes were glued. She gazed after him as he continued on. Her heart skipped a beat as he smiled at her. Oh and how she blushed. For he wasn’t just another guy, he was her best friend, he was her world.
Anyone could see it in her eyes the love she had for him. It continued to grow with each passing day. When her mind wondered, it always lead back to him. The impact he had on her way remarkable. She knew her heart belonged to him and she thought he felt the same. But to her dismay, all her hopes had shattered when one day he came upto her and said,
“I love that girl over there.”
As she heard those words, she died a little bit inside. But the strong girl which she is, she gathered enough strength and said,
“She loves you too.”
The way his face lit up she will never forget. He felt as happy as anyone could ever be, as she felt the exact opposite. She was broken. He walked over to his love, told her how he felt and she squealed in joy. He took her hand and walked away with a heart filled with love. She watched them walk into the distance with a tear rolling down her cheek. He will never know that his best friend once loved him. To her he was now just like any other guy who walked in and out of her life, leaving behind broken pieces.

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