The Sun, The Moon and The Stars.

She was sitting beside me under the moonlight. She quietly asked me for the moon, even after getting her the sun. I gave her the moon and she then asks for the stars. The glorious of the glorious stars now float around her. I handed her my little gift with a bow around it, yet she was not satisfied. I gave her all the elements of the night and yet her thirst for more seemed unquenchable. I cried day in and day out while her thirst seemed to be increasing.
With my tears I formed a sea. And with all my strength I made a boat so that I could travel the world and go in search for what she yearns. The one thing she is constantly searching for, that one thing that I can’t provide her with. I set out on my quest to get her what she seeks. Till then, whenever all seems lost look at the sun for strength. When the world around you seems to crumble look at the moon for guidance. And when you feel lonely look at the infinite stars, for I will be there to fill the empty spaces, always.

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