It Was Meant To Be.

From a distance he always had admired her. He knew she would never be his, for she was already promised to another and she had no way out. He would drown the pain away, straight from the bottle. We watched him suffer as she broke his heart. He continued to drink her memory away only to fail miserably.
Until one day he couldn’t bear the pain anymore and drank a bottle too much. With the bottle he found his strength to pull the trigger. We found him face down in the corner with a note in his hand.The note read;
“I’ll love her till I die.”
They took him by the river and lay him to rest. She was present at his funeral and broke down in the corner.
The days passed by and people moved on, but she was at a standstill. No one knew that she had secretly always loved him, and now she blamed herself for his death. She was silent for too long and the world seemed to be crumbling at her feet. Her knees gave way, she couldn’t be strong no more. She finally gave in to life’s pain. She took the bottle to her lips and drank her life away.
We found her in the room the next day with a note by her side. It read;
“I always loved him and now I will join him.”
Her father read the note and broke down. He realised only to late that he was wrong. So that their souls may meet again, he buried her by the river next to the one who was really meant for her.

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