They Still Do.

Today they saw each other after what felt like years. It seemed like forever but in reality it was just a couple of weeks.
She saw him and wondered if he still cared.
He saw her and thought she looked much better than before.
She continued to stare upon her former love,
As did he.
They greeted each other with a smile on their faces and sadness in their hearts.
He asked how she was,
She asked how his new girlfriend was.
He would pick her over any other girl, if only she would give him the chance.
She thought he seemed really happy.
He couldn’t look at her without shedding a few tears.
All she thought about was how he wouldn’t look her in the eye.
He told her he misses her.
She knew he didn’t mean it.
He loves her, he still does.
She thought he loved his new girlfriend more.
He hugged her for what might be the last time, cherishing every second of it.
She hugged him back, thinking it was a friendly one.
They walked away.
He took a last glimpse of her before she was out of sight.
She took a last look at her love.
He got home and cried.
She got home and cried.
He knows now that his love is lost.
She loves him, now and forever.

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