Modern-Day Cinderella.

We grew up listening to fairytales. They always said there is going to be a happily ever after. But as we grow up we learn that life is no fairytale. We crib and cry about the fact that as tiny tots we believed in a happily ever after, where as now we come to learn that life is no fairytale. Things are not as books or movies seem to be. Does this mean that we will never get our own happily ever after, we won’t find our own Prince Charming or Princess.

Personally I believe that we do get a fairytale ending, but our own version of it. The fairytales are not a 100% false. We are just in our Cinderella phase, the phase where Cinderella in the story minds the house under the watchful eye of her step mother and sister’s. She slogs day in and day out to heed to their every whim. If you think about it if we do the same thing, just a little less brutal. We slog by studying and working to make something of ourselves. It is only after we slog do we find a perfect silver slipper, the perfect fit. For us the slipper would be a perfect job, a loved one, a perfect life which we worked so hard to acquire.
We find our slipper amongst a bunch of misfits, we then get our perfect life in a not so perfect world. Just like Cinderella did. She found her slipper and her future along with it, after living in rags for what seemed like forever.

The fairytale is true. We do start from rags and then slog until we earn our place in the world.
We do get our happily ever after eventually. After all we are living the life of a Modern-Day Cinderella.

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