Big Happy Family.

In the corner of a crowded bar sat James, your average individual. He looked like any other 50 year old, just sitting at the bar with his drink at hand. But there was more to him, more to his story, more to his life. Maybe that’s why he seemed a little stressed out. It was about something he found out a year or so ago.

He was 35 years old when he got married to the love of his life. He waited for so long for her to walk into his life, that when she did he made sure he did everything to keep her. His wife, him and their 13 year-old daughter couldn’t have lived a more normal and happy life in England. He felt this was his happily ever after.

Until a year or so ago he found out he has another daughter called, Tina. He met Tina’s mother Catherine when he was around 27-28, when his friends and he had taken a trip to Thailand. Tina wanted to meet James ever since her parents had told her about him. Catherine found out his whereabouts and contacted him. She told him about their daughter and everything that he had missed out in the past couple of  years. James decided to fly down and meet her. He spent a good month – month and a half with her and fell in love with Tina. He knew he had to be a part of her life, he had already missed enough. But two different families, two different continents. What was he going to do?

He returned back home to his wife and daughter in the England. He decided it was better to tell them the truth in all hopes that they would understand and would forgive him. To his good luck, his wife was understanding and forgave him. She knew it was a mistake that happened in his youth. Their daughter on the other hand didn’t take it well at first, she didn’t want to believe any of it. But a few months later she understood the situation and slowly to forgive him.

Its been a year since both the families have known about each other. James was sitting at the bar wondering about what the next 24 hours were going to be like, for tomorrow the families were going to meet. They were going to figure out how to work things out.

Today two years after the BIG dinner, they all live together under one roof in England. Now it’s not two families, but one big happy family. Beautiful, isn’t it?

(The above narration is based on a true life story. Names of the people and actual locations have been changed to maintain privacy of the individuals.)

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