Broken Phase.

In everyone’s life there comes a point where we find ourselves to be broken. So broken that we feel that the pieces can not be found and put back together. At that point in time we wonder how will we ever get out of this mess, how will our life go on. We usually lose all faith and hope. Our faith is so shaken that for a few days we break down and find ourselves in a little corner and wondering why did something like this happen to us, why are we feeling so isolated, so alone.

But no matter how lost and broken we once were, there will always be a point in the near future where we will stand and look back at our past wonder how did we get here, away from the mess we once were. We wonder how did the broken pieces get glued back together. How is it that we are not hurting no more, not feeling lost. Most importantly we wonder how did we survive and turn out stronger than before and much wiser.
This is cause no matter how broken we once were, all our broken pieces will magically come together and join themselves with a glue called time. Time heals and time fixes things. We learn to let go, forgive and to have faith all over again. Time is the healing power. Time reminds us of where we were and how far we have come. It helps you to be a stronger and a well prepared person ready to face the world.

No one can be broken forever, it’s all just a phase.

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