She never thought he would leave her, even after all that they had been through. Maybe it was just not in him to stay by her side constantly. But every time he left he would come right back, just like a boomerang thrown into the open.

She never understood why he kept leaving. He left her confused and lost at each goodbye. Broken a little more than the previous time. You’d think she would be used to all these farewells, but in all honesty each good bye hurt more than the previous. Each time he would return and promise her that he wouldn’t leave. She believed he would stay, but in reality he would just keep walking in and out as and when he pleased. Each time she thought it would be different, but it never was.

The last time he left was truly the last time she would see him, as for him there was no going back. She thought he would come back like he always did, but this time he didn’t.
Today she waits for him to come back.
It’s been two years since the last goodbye, and she continues to wait.

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