Awake Again.

To forget what it is to write is probably the worst feeling in the world. It’s like a part of your soul getting ripped out, making you feel helpless. You feel the life in you getting sucked out.
Writing is the one thing a person can always turn to for comfort. It’s one of the places where they can release all their emotions onto without anyone judging them. It makes the heart so much lighter and the soul much more peaceful.

When the pen touches the paper and the words flow out it is a wonderful feeling, to see words form beautiful sentences which speak to you. Not being able to form a sentence is a horror. When you sit down to write but your mind is blank and the only thought going through it is, why aren’t I able to jot anything down. When this happens all you do is stare at the blank paper and pen in your hand and wonder, “Will I ever write again?”

Six months have passed since I last sat with a pen and a paper, and managed to scribble a few words. I’d almost lost hope that I’ve probably lost the capability to express my thoughts in words. The feeling of words flowing out of the pen without you needing to look up and think for a second, is something I’ve missed and how.

These words might not seem like much, but to me, being able to write again, makes me feel like I woke up from a deep slumber I didn’t choose.
Just happy to be awake again.

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