Let Go.

He saw her for the very first time, and it was love at first sight. She truly was a gift showered to him by the Gods. His own little baby girl. She was his Princess and he was her King, a special bond between them existed, one of a father and daughter.

He taught her all she knew. He taught her how to ride a bicycle. He would hold onto the cycle as she would try to balance herself. He promised to never let go, and he didn’t. After a while she said, “Dad, I can do it, let go.”  He did let go, but continued to run after her as she paddled away.

Time flew by and their bond grew stronger. The day came where he had to walk his baby girl down the aisle. He sees her future standing at the end of the aisle with the same look of love he had when he saw her for the first time. Standing at the alter he hugs her before she starts off her next journey. He holds onto her a lil while longer, until she whispers into his ear, “Dad, it’s alright, you can let go now.” With tears in his eyes, he puts her hands in that of her future and steps aside. He had to let go, his baby girl was all grown up now.

Year went by and he was lying in a hospital bed hanging on to dear life. He was holding onto every breath a little bit longer,  time was passing by with every heart beat.
She was rushing her way to the hospital to see her old man with tears in her eyes and sorrow in her heart.
The nurse outside told her he was asking only about her all the time. She rushed into his room to find her favourite man lying on the bed with one too many wires attached to him, taking every breath as if his last.
She went and hugged him tight.
With tears flowing, she whispered to him, “Dad, it’s alright, I’m here. You can let go now.”
A second later he smiled at the sound of her voice and took his last breath.
The room went silent.

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