To Be Alive

Live life to the fullest they say, are we really doing so?
Crying about Monday morning isn’t really what that’s about nor is it about waiting for a Friday night. Rather it’s about waking up on a Monday morning without complaining about the coming week irrespective of how much work lies ahead. It’s about knowing that we deserve to be happy no matter what. To be able to smile and laugh at least once a day, if not more.

Life is about being able to do what we want, to be who we are without caring about anyone else’s opinion and to be able to enjoy the small things in life without worry and judgement.

We don’t know what tomorrow holds, we don’t know where we will be and why things happen. That is the beauty of life itself. We need not be afraid to speak of what we believe in or what we love. We shouldn’t regret spending our money on a pair of shoes or on a large ice cream cone. Let’s ride the scary roller coaster and dance in the rain carefree. Don’t be afraid to tell the people who matter to you that you love them. Let’s sneak out and have an adventure.

Let’s overcome our fears and enjoy the life we’ve been given. There is no need to sweat the small stuff, we only need to be able to live life to the fullest and be true to oneself. There is no wrong or right way to live no matter what people tell you. Don’t wait for tomorrow, cause today could be your last day.

Do what you want; Be who you truly are; Go where you want to go.
Do more than just exist, LIVE.


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