We all have a lot to say, but we don’t always say what’s on our mind.

Most of the time we keep our mouths shut just cause we are scared that the people around us will feel bad. We don’t want to hurt our near and dear ones.

But does keeping quiet really help us? I don’t think so.
We are all allowed to have an opinion on things even if we disagree with the views of those around us. Sometimes it is better to say things out in the open rather than keeping our mouths shut about it. Cause the more we keep it in, the more it eats us up inside and haunt us in the future. This will make you feel like exploding and then things you say can really be hurtful.

Don’t let your emotions, words or feelings get bottled up. It’s fine to speak out about things and let your opinions be heard so that you will be at peace instead of letting it kill you inside slowly.

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