Got Nothing On Her

“So there’s this girl mom, she is as pretty as a picture, she’d give the portrait of Mona Lisa a run for its money. She is every bit funny as she is witty. Dad thinks she is a gem. Her smile could hold you together and her tears could tear you apart. She brings the sunshine on my gloomiest days. She is the ray of hope to my day and leaves me in darkness when not around. She is light on the eyes while her voice is as soothing as the ocean breeze. She is hell on the heart but worth every tear and laugh.
Mom, you would’ve loved her, you really would have. But mom, she’ll never have anything on you. You will always be my favourite lady, always mom. I’ll bring her to visit you soon mom, I’m sure you’d love her as much as I do.
I miss you, mom. Thank you for making me who I am, I hope I’ve made you proud. I love you, mama, I really do.”
He lay down the flowers on her grave and bowed down in a silent prayer. He left with a tear trickling down his cheek as he walked to the car and joined his fiancee.

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