Just Remember


We all have our bad days, those days when getting out of bed just seem next to impossible and you simply don’t want to do anything but sleep in for the next couple of days. These very days are usually the days when you feel horrible and disgusted with yourself and just don’t want to show your face to anyone around. You surround yourself with negative energy and feel like the world is bringing you to your knees. That you are alone in the world with not a soul by your side and like nothing seems to be going your way no matter what you do.

On such days all I wish for you is to remember that things are not as bad as they seem and the world isn’t the awful place you feel it to be. Remember that you’re loved and that you don’t have it as bad as you think you do. Someone loves you and you mean the world to that person, but you might just not know about it. Your presence itself can brighten up their day.

This feeling of loneliness, disgust, and sadness is simply just a phase which you have to get over, it doesn’t last forever. You might question your existence, but you shouldn’t have to cause you as a person have so much to offer and so much to experience.

Don’t forget that when the world is pulling you down to your knees, that the main things we humans have are air, love, and life. As long as there is enough of it going around, nothing should bring you down.
So just dust yourself off, stand up and just breath, because you can’t give up yet.

You are beautiful, loved and alive.
You deserve to be here.
Just Remember This!

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