As of today, there are over 7 billion people, and that number grows every day. It is impossible that two people will have a day that goes exactly the same. Similar, maybe; but never the same. That means that every single day of the year has 7 billion (give or take) different variations to it. That’s seven billion different stories. Interesting isn’t it?

Seven billion ways a day could go, but we all just know of one version of it.
If you have a story or if you want to share an incident of how your day goes by or something that has affected you, but never got a chance to share but have always wanted too. Well, that is my plan. To share stories of ordinary people, leading ordinary lives but have extraordinary stories to share.

If you want to be one of the stories, no matter how big or small it may seem to you, it may just inspire and connect with someone else, then write to me.
I will tell your story like I have in my earlier posts The Secret   and Big Happy Family

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