Only In Memory

Days have passed since she last saw you, but the thought of you never faded from her mind. She saw your face every time she closed her eyes, and that still brought a smile to her face. That is until she remembered that, that’s the only way she would ever get to see you again. The thought of you always brought a smile to her face, it’s like you had the power to make her life colourful.

Memories of the two of you would flash by, she remembered how happy and loved she once was. She did say that each moment together was like a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day.

She remembered you, she remembered all that you both stood for, most importantly she remembered how happiness felt. This memory would fill her up and would feel so real; Until she would then open her eyes and it would suddenly all disappear.
She would let the loneliness take over. The pain and sorrow would engulf her again, the colours would drain and the world would go back to black and white once again.
She wished she could keep her eyes shut forever, for that’s where happiness lies.

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