“We are going to be friends forever.”
“I promise I won’t ever leave you”
“You will always be my best friend”

We have all said or thought of this at some point in time, and in that moment we all thought that we would be able to hold it true for the years to come. But the reality of the situation is that not every relation lasts through time and people drift away and fall apart.

Let’s face it we have all left people behind and we have all been left behind by someone or the other. Such is life, it is a bittersweet feeling. But in due time you get used to it and you learn to move on.
We do tend to feel bad and our hearts do hurt a whole bunch while trying to let go of someone, and that is fine. It just means that the feelings you once had were absolutely genuine. They were from the heart no matter what people say. Things change, people grow up and apart, that’s just the natural way of life.

No one likes ends, and no one likes pain. We don’t want bad things to happen to us, yet sometimes they do. No matter how much we love the people who are causing the pain, we tend to forgive them. But at times it gets too much and we have to stop putting others in front of ourselves, and have to put the relationship to an end simply because it was starting to get toxic to your own well-being.

Perspective Mosaic Footprints Let Go Beach

Not all relationships will be as perfect as you want it forever.
Not every new beginning is supposed to go on.
Not every person who walks into your life is supposed to stay forever.
Such is life.

Pain is temporary and you learn how to deal with it. You make peace with the truth no matter how harsh it is. Life goes on, and you have to learn to move forward with it. There is joy and peace in letting go of people, embrace it. In due time it’ll make you feel so much lighter and you’ll be happier.
Hopefully one day you will look back smiling and be thankful for the people who stayed through everything as well as for the people who came and went but left you with a million memories which you will cherish forever despite the current relation.

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