Self Love

We all talk about finding love, but we forget the most important kind of love is loving oneself or Self-Love. Loving oneself takes a lot more understanding, patience and time. We always do find it easier to point out our flaws and our weaknesses, than to find our strengths. Bringing oneself down is easy but finding the goodness in oneself despite the tiny flaws and looking at our plus points is the tricky part. But finding good is essential, it makes up for a happier and more joyful person. That’s why loving yourself is a key aspect to a better lifestyle and life.

For a happy life self-love is very crucial. More that often no one else will be there for you at the exact moment when you need them; But YOU will always be there for yourself. We  are always there for ourselves but yet we spend most of our time craving for other people. Craving for their support, guidance and approval. I am not saying that needing or wanting others isn’t important or necessary, it definitely is. But they won’t always be there, nor will they always prioritize you, nor will they leave everything and come to help your rescue. They will come only whenever they can or want too. At the end of the day, you will still have to deal with your pain alone.

Self love is knowing that you are okay no matter what you experience. Our true legacy is our love and our kindness which we bestow on ourselves and those around us. Self-love opens space to be a much better person. It gives one the confidence to be true to oneself and experience true happiness. We are operating from a place of love and that makes all the difference. It is seeing oneself as a priority and worthy of health, wealth, and all things good.

Every time you hurt or  every time you succeed, you have an opportunity to nurture yourself or to celebrate yourself in the ways that others have failed to do so. If you can learn to love yourself the way you deserve, you will find a power within that will change your life. You become easier to love because you aren’t constantly needing from other people. You can self-sustain and will be happy alone or when surrounded by others. The funny thing is that the less you need from others, the more others will feel compelled to give to you.

We all need to learn to love ourselves a little more, to make ourselves a priority and we need to start making a conscious effort to improve our relationship with ourselves right now.

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