Support – The Giant Hands of Venice

A new temporary art installation calls attention to climate change in this historic city of Venice.

Many tourists come to Venice to ride gondolas, eat pasta, and enjoy the historic architecture the city has to offer. But now the city will see something brand new in this ancient city when they reach the Ca’Sagredo Hotel. Here, a modern art installation hugs the 14th-century walls, addressing a 21st-century problem faced by the city.

The Mediterranean is set to rise by five feet by the end of the century which means that Venice, the Floating City could entirely be submerged,  according to some scientists.

Lorenzo Quinn an artist, created a pair of white hands which appear to hold up the historic Ca’Sagredo Hotel. It was to symbolize the threat that climate change has on the city but also shows that mankind has the power to stop it.

Sadly the art installation was there only until November 2017. So this masterpiece shall now be remembered by the pictures taken by those who got the chance to witness it and its powerful message.

The people must play a role in supporting the historical city to survive climate change.

Support art installation Ca' Sagredo Hotel

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