Picture Perfect?

In the peacefulness of the evening, she sat at an old little restaurant sipping away on her glass of wine while sitting beside the love of her life.
People sat in the sand while watching the sun disappear into the water.
The view mesmerized her.
The waves broke gently along the beach. The setting sun blazing up the whole sky in colours of orange and red. Birds flew above and fishermen returned after a days work.
She couldn’t have asked for a better end to the day. She was in love, not only with the view but with life too. Everything was picture perfect.
The sun then set, and the sky was painted black.
Not a star in the sky. The light disappeared and so did the beach people.
She snapped back to reality and put down her wine glass.
She looked at the chair beside her; empty.
Just like the harsh waves crashed along the shore, it finally hit her.
He wasn’t there anymore.
The emptiness crept in.
She was alone.

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