Veraciously Yourself

What is wrong with black lipstick? Is there a rule where one cant wear black unless it is for Halloween. Is it against social norms? Or do people just get offended by it?

Wearing black lipstick just leads you to get so many condensing looks. I guess it is still true that wearing pajamas and black lipstick isn’t accepted in society because it isn’t considered to be normal.

I think it’s time we stop judging people by their appearance and for who they are. Just let people live and stop dragging them down. Let boys wear heels and let girls get a crew cut. There is more to them than what meets the eye. Let people express their true self without being shunned upon and being told that, it isn’t acceptable. Cause being who you are isn’t something to be ashamed of, its something to be proud of.

We really shouldn’t think twice to be who we are and should forget about the narrow-minded ones.

Be your quirky old self and let it shine through.

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