India, Are You Safe?

I’m sorry that this happened to you!

You didn’t deserve to suffer like this, you didn’t deserve to be married to a man who would do something like this.

I’m sorry you had to suffer and that no one came to your help. That no one there thought they could save you.

The fact that something like this happened is ridiculous. It saddens me to see the sorry state of (certain) people in our country.

We say that “all women” are India’s daughters, but are they really?

Is this the way you treat anyone? A girl or a boy?!

The fact that the man looked like he had absolutely no remorse after doing such hienous deed. Walking and relaxing on the streets like he just finished playing a game of cricket. Words can’t describe the disgusting feeling and the horror one feels when you see his actions.

To think that so many people witnessed this and just stood quietly watching and gawking as it it was just a street performance meant for everyone to watch and have a jolly good time. Not one of them thought they could help or attempt to help her, to save her.

This is not what I thought this country was made off. Thought there were still some good samaritans who would help a person in distress, they just makes you rethink everything.

Makes you wonder, whether you’re going to be safe, be it day or night, whether you’re a female or male. And then people wonder why you’re fleeing the country.


India, are you safe?

I think, NOT!

Image credit from Instagram: The Tatva

I usually don’t write things like this but this struck a nerve.

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