Heal with Love.

Shattered eyes. Broken heart. Hollow soul. At some point, we all break. We can't always withstand the pain which we are put through. Loving people even at their worst, when they think they are incapable of being loved is when your love can make a difference. It can help them heal. Spread the love around,... Continue Reading →

The Walls Came Down

A lot of people won't let anyone in, they have built a wall around themselves. The walls are so high that getting through to them is something that is nigh impossible. The minute a person who is guarded finally let's go, and lets you see a part of their heart and soul, you should feel... Continue Reading →

Just Remember

We all have our bad days, those days when getting out of bed just seem next to impossible and you simply don't want to do anything but sleep in for the next couple of days. These very days are usually the days when you feel horrible and disgusted with yourself and just don't want to... Continue Reading →

Got Nothing On Her

"So there's this girl mom, she is as pretty as a picture, she'd give the portrait of Mona Lisa a run for its money. She is every bit funny as she is witty. Dad thinks she is a gem. Her smile could hold you together and her tears could tear you apart. She brings the... Continue Reading →

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