Not Alone

I'm a person of habit. Every morning I walk to the park near my house. I was always the first one there. And left almost always before anyone else would come. You'd think I'd feel all alone, But I'd find footprints in the snow The evidence of a lively night life, That I missed. I... Continue Reading →


Fading Away

It’s Sunday night and I’m walking the streets of the most beautiful city in the world. On the streets cigarette butts crushed into the crevices of cracked pavements. Decay feels normal to these unpaved streets. The roads are filled with neglected buildings, And people with shattered dreams. I lie here in her arms like a... Continue Reading →

Power and Control

Power and Control, what are these two things used so often in our lives? Are they two sides of the same or are they completely different? They are not the same thing, they do differ from each other. But, control is power and power is control. Think about it. The more you ponder over it,... Continue Reading →


"We are going to be friends forever." "I promise I won't ever leave you" "You will always be my best friend" We have all said or thought of this at some point in time, and in that moment we all thought that we would be able to hold it true for the years to come.... Continue Reading →

First Drink

At the age of 16, I stole a bottle of Jack. My father finished his nightcap and fell asleep, Leaving the bottle outside, unattended. I silently walked over to the table, It was half empty, But something is better than nothing. Excited, I sneaked the bottle up to my room. In the dead of the night, In... Continue Reading →

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