Being loved is an amazing feeling and makes you feel like you can do anything. Loving someone makes you also feel so much better and happier. It truly uplifts your mood and fills you up. Life is always going to be a little better when it’s filled with love, don't you think? Sending lots of... Continue Reading →


No Idea

You have no idea, You have not a clue, You never did know how I feel about you. You didn’t know much I cared, You had no clue of how amazing I think you are, How happy you made me feel, but sad at the very same time. You didn’t know what we could have... Continue Reading →

From dust to flowers. We all need to learn that even from the crappiest of times beautiful things can arise. Sometimes things may take the wrong path, but they will end at the correct destination even if you dont realise it at that time. We need to register that there is good that can come... Continue Reading →

I Killed Her

I'm a murderer. I killed a girl, The girl next door. The girl who always smiled, The girl who had a lot of friends. The girl who was loved. Now that girl is dead. Eyes in the darkest shade, Lips that won't smile anymore. She didn't believe people, To her, all compliments were a lie.... Continue Reading →

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