"That girl? She is dead. I don't think she was ever alive!” Sometimes we spend so much time making every one else around you happy and you forget that you're supposed to be happy too. In the process you end up losing a part of who you were and realise so much has changed from... Continue Reading →


We don’t always get what we want, and that makes us annoyed, angry or just sad. We try to get things that make us happy, try to attain what we feel we want and only then being content. But there is a point in life where we start being happy and very grateful with the... Continue Reading →

From dust to flowers. We all need to learn that even from the crappiest of times beautiful things can arise. Sometimes things may take the wrong path, but they will end at the correct destination even if you dont realise it at that time. We need to register that there is good that can come... Continue Reading →

I Killed Her

I'm a murderer. I killed a girl, The girl next door. The girl who always smiled, The girl who had a lot of friends. The girl who was loved. Now that girl is dead. Eyes in the darkest shade, Lips that won't smile anymore. She didn't believe people, To her, all compliments were a lie.... Continue Reading →

We need to let go of our past and jump into the future to see where it will take us. Learn from the past and seize the day is what they say, and that we must. So let’s be excited for what the future has in store for us.

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