We all have our secrets, including those we hide from ourselves. What is yours?


Feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, love or lust come and go. But sometimes these feelings don't really go away no matter how much we try to get rid of them. Some feelings last a life time, we just learn to live with it. We let it become a part of us and soon learn to... Continue Reading →

Only In Memory

Days have passed since she last saw you, but the thought of you never faded from her mind. She saw your face every time she closed her eyes, and that still brought a smile to her face. That is until she remembered that, that's the only way she would ever get to see you again.... Continue Reading →

  We all have a lot to say, but we don't always say what's on our mind. Most of the time we keep our mouths shut just cause we are scared that the people around us will feel bad. We don't want to hurt our near and dear ones. But does keeping quiet really help... Continue Reading →

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