Lost, looking to be found.Not by anyone else, just looking for myself.Don’t look for me, I’ll find my way.So will you, sometime somewhere,when the time is right. ,


In a cage, she was locked, Locked by her own hands She never did try to break open the locks, Never wanted to be free. Until she was tired, Tired of everything around. She was a book, That nobody could ever read. She tried to break her shells, To show who she was, But fear... Continue Reading →


We all need an escape. Be it for a week or just for a few minutes. Pick up a book, go for a swim or just pack your bags and take a trip. An escape is needed at some point in time just to run away from reality and submerge yourself into an alternate one... Continue Reading →

First Drink

At the age of 16, I stole a bottle of Jack. My father finished his nightcap and fell asleep, Leaving the bottle outside, unattended. I silently walked over to the table, It was half empty, But something is better than nothing. Excited, I sneaked the bottle up to my room. In the dead of the night, In... Continue Reading →

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