We all have our secrets, including those we hide from ourselves. What is yours?


Picture Perfect?

In the peacefulness of the evening, she sat at an old little restaurant sipping away on her glass of wine while sitting beside the love of her life. People sat in the sand while watching the sun disappear into the water. The view mesmerized her. The waves broke gently along the beach. The setting sun blazing up the... Continue Reading →

Not Alone

I'm a person of habit. Every morning I walk to the park near my house. I was always the first one there. And left almost always before anyone else would come. You'd think I'd feel all alone, But I'd find footprints in the snow The evidence of a lively night life, That I missed. I... Continue Reading →

Just Remember

We all have our bad days, those days when getting out of bed just seem next to impossible and you simply don't want to do anything but sleep in for the next couple of days. These very days are usually the days when you feel horrible and disgusted with yourself and just don't want to... Continue Reading →

Bad Habit

You told me you didn't like me smoking and left me cause of it. I stopped smoking fearing that I would lose you forever. The thought of not being with you, I could not stand. I drove up to your house to tell you I finally gave up my nasty habit, but I was greeted... Continue Reading →

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