The thing he loved most about her was not that her heart had no scars, but that she had turned them into something beautiful and fierce. She wore them like tattoos on her body telling her story, a story too untamed to be spoken.

We need to let go of our past and jump into the future to see where it will take us. Learn from the past and seize the day is what they say, and that we must. So let’s be excited for what the future has in store for us.


We all need an escape. Be it for a week or just for a few minutes. Pick up a book, go for a swim or just pack your bags and take a trip. An escape is needed at some point in time just to run away from reality and submerge yourself into an alternate one... Continue Reading →

Self Love

We all talk about finding love, but we forget the most important kind of love is loving oneself or Self-Love. Loving oneself takes a lot more understanding, patience and time. We always do find it easier to point out our flaws and our weaknesses, than to find our strengths. Bringing oneself down is easy but... Continue Reading →

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