The Sole Feather

Like a feather in the breeze, I move around fluttering in and out of people's lives.You don't really pay attention to it, you don't really realise that I'm there.I don't make a sound, I'm just there present, observing.Scared of what I'll lose if I were even to be chosen.I stick to the sidelines disguising myself... Continue Reading →


Onward and upward, we go! Grow.Never stop working on yourself, on things you’re passionate about, or on your future. Grow into the person you want to become - even if you’re not sure who that is. <just a reminder>

We all knew he liked her.We probably knew before hedid himself.We saw it in his eyes,the way he looked at her,the way he spoke of her.It was obvious.Age didn’t matter – there was a sparkle in his eyes as he spoke of their future.Children that we were,we laughed and teased.But in the inside we were... Continue Reading →

I need youAnd a cigarette The difference is I have apacket of cigarettes in my pocketBut I don’t have you coiled up in my lungs If I could, I would rather have you in my pocketand the cigarette far away

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