Veraciously Yourself

What is wrong with black lipstick? Is there a rule where one cant wear black unless it is for Halloween. Is it against social norms? Or do people just get offended by it? Wearing black lipstick just leads you to get so many condensing looks. I guess it is still true that wearing pajamas and black lipstick isn't... Continue Reading →


Only In Memory

Days have passed since she last saw you, but the thought of you never faded from her mind. She saw your face every time she closed her eyes, and that still brought a smile to her face. That is until she remembered that, that's the only way she would ever get to see you again.... Continue Reading →

Just Remember

We all have our bad days, those days when getting out of bed just seem next to impossible and you simply don't want to do anything but sleep in for the next couple of days. These very days are usually the days when you feel horrible and disgusted with yourself and just don't want to... Continue Reading →

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