"That girl? She is dead. I don't think she was ever alive!” Sometimes we spend so much time making every one else around you happy and you forget that you're supposed to be happy too. In the process you end up losing a part of who you were and realise so much has changed from... Continue Reading →


We all deserve love. It’s not something that is conditional to only ones good days or days when they aren’t a mess. It’s loving a person or yourself a little more on your off days. I think we all need to remember that not all days are going to be perfect, but that doesn’t mean... Continue Reading →

Veraciously Yourself

What is wrong with black lipstick? Is there a rule where one cant wear black unless it is for Halloween. Is it against social norms? Or do people just get offended by it? Wearing black lipstick just leads you to get so many condensing looks. I guess it is still true that wearing pajamas and black lipstick isn't... Continue Reading →

Self Love

We all talk about finding love, but we forget the most important kind of love is loving oneself or Self-Love. Loving oneself takes a lot more understanding, patience and time. We always do find it easier to point out our flaws and our weaknesses, than to find our strengths. Bringing oneself down is easy but... Continue Reading →

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