In a cage, she was locked, Locked by her own hands She never did try to break open the locks, Never wanted to be free. Until she was tired, Tired of everything around. She was a book, That nobody could ever read. She tried to break her shells, To show who she was, But fear... Continue Reading →

I loved his soul. But, all he wanted was my body. This happens to a lot of people. We fall in love with their minds and their souls but they cant get past the physical attraction and see what is below the surface. We have got to start looking deeper into a person and not... Continue Reading →

Heal with Love.

Shattered eyes. Broken heart. Hollow soul. At some point, we all break. We can't always withstand the pain which we are put through. Loving people even at their worst, when they think they are incapable of being loved is when your love can make a difference. It can help them heal. Spread the love around,... Continue Reading →

Don't loose who you are just cause you fall in love with some one else. Don't start loving yourself any less, you deserve to be loved just as much if not more. Remember you deserve to be loved abundantly.

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