World Cup 2018: St Petersburg Guide

Football fans are running to Russia for the FIFA World Cup 2018. Are you one of the many fans running there? St Petersburg is one of the cities where the matches are taking place and it's going to be raging with people from all over the world for the next few weeks. While there, why... Continue Reading →



We all need an escape. Be it for a week or just for a few minutes. Pick up a book, go for a swim or just pack your bags and take a trip. An escape is needed at some point in time just to run away from reality and submerge yourself into an alternate one... Continue Reading →

Support – The Giant Hands of Venice

A new temporary art installation calls attention to climate change in this historic city of Venice. Many tourists come to Venice to ride gondolas, eat pasta, and enjoy the historic architecture the city has to offer. But now the city will see something brand new in this ancient city when they reach the Ca’Sagredo Hotel.... Continue Reading →

Montenegro in a Day

During our recent visit to Dubrovnik, we opted to take a day trip to Montenegro. We decided to opt for a guided tour via Viator so we could see the sights and also acquire some knowledge of the place from the guide. It's amazing how much one can really do in a day. For starters,... Continue Reading →

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