The Hills Are Alive – The Sound of Music Tour

Driving through the Austrian Countryside and singing along to 'the hills are alive with the Sound of Music', with a bunch of fellow nerds, really I couldn't be any happier. Sound of Music is one of those golden classic which I don't think I can ever get enough off. It is one of my all... Continue Reading →


Every person has a story of their own to share. Each story is just as interesting as the next, and many a time it is inspiring. It makes you more human, to listen to people whose stories are of love, loss, sorrow, and happiness. One person's story can make you feel so much that you... Continue Reading →

Let's travel the world and find a part of our self in each corner of the globe.


Go around the world. Hit all the continents. Pack light. Walk around aimlessly. Discover new cuisines. Explore and get lost. Fall in love. Anyone wanna come with?

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